Wednesday, January 6, 2010

tank girl cover remixed

so, tank girl is probably my favorite comic book ever... i'd be lying if i said that jamie hewlett's work on tank girl wasn't a huge influence on me in my formative years (and then a huge influence again later with his incredible work with gorillaz). so, it seemed only fitting that i do MY interpretation of a tank girl cover for the "covered" blog. for those of you not familiar, "covered" is a great blog that takes submissions of comic book cover interpretations. i found it incredibly inspiring and will probably submit more works in the future!

take a look for yourself:


  1. That Tank girl cover is Dooooope! That has been the only comic I've ever read....Love it.

  2. Not sure how else to get hold of you, Nic ...

    That "Captain Codskale" drawing is yours, if you want it. Shoot me an email at hellouloo[at]jonmcnally[dot]net. If I haven't heard from you by the top of next week (May 7), I'll send it off to another deserving commenter.


  3. drat... i JUST saw this reply... :(